Group Acupuncture

1st and 3rd Saturday

10 AM to 1PM

Group Acupuncture or Community Acupuncture is an economical approach to Acupuncture that makes it possible for more people to receive as many treatments as possible. Sessions occur in a Group setting with up to 3-4 other patients recieving acupuncture together. Unlike most Community Acupuncture clinics, our clinic uses massage tables in order to access areas on the front and back of the body. If a patient would be more comfortable sitting upright, we do have chairs. Additionally, our Group Acupuncture includes Moxibustion (Optional) or Cupping (vaccum only) at no additional charge. Acupuncture is more effective the more frequently you receive treatment, especially if you are working on a stubborn chronic condition. Our goal is to offer services at a discounted rate so that more people in Blacksburg can receive Acupuncture. If you need detailed health advice and more than 10-15 min to discuss your history a private session would be more ideal. Broader forms of Chinese medicine including fire Cupping, prescription Herbal Remedies or Tui Na (Chinese medical massage) are not offered in the community setting.


There is NO Online Booking at this time for Group Acupuncture, but you can call or text (540)798-7525 or email to request a time. 


Group Acupuncture is on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 10 AM to 1 PM (last session time).


Sessions Length: 1 hour

Treatment fee: $40-70 Sliding Scale

Student rate: $35-65

*Please consult a Physician if you have any serious medical condition before, during and after pursuing any alternative therapy. Although many of these therapies have been used by people for thousand of years for many conditions, none of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

102 Landsdowne St

Blacksburg VA 24060

Cell: 5407987525


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